HR Payroll Selfcare

PREMA is a human resource management system (HRMS) intended to support the growing diversity of your business organization. The China Payroll system provides the best solution for optimal and effective human resource management.

Supports your business growth.

Comprehensive Reporting and Strategic Decision Making. Time Sheet Management also known as
e-Attendance Allows employee to mark attendance (clock in/out) over the web and supports linkage to door access system.

Comprehensive Reporting and Strategic Decision Making.

We understand that your company is always on a budgeting decision. Since payroll is a huge expense, reports of payroll configuration information, including basic company and employee listings, legislative reports and forms, analytical and audit reports, notifications of upcoming events, reconciliation reports and date or event driven historical reports are valuable information needed to make strategic decision. Thus, the HRMS is able to generate these reports with a simple and straight forward point and click gesture.