Employee Management

  • This module enables HR departments to maintain and track employee details, including; demographic data, employment history, claim and leave applications, disciplinary, appraisals, etc.
  • Evaluate staff performance from training and appraisal records. Perform search on staffs based on various criteria including contact details, skills, certificates, qualifications, licenses with just a single click.
  • Log all salary, position, site, department, and other changes into everyone's employment milestones.

Leaves Monitoring

  • The Leave module logs all applications into the system history, enabling the HR administrator to monitor and track leave applications.
  • Promote paper-less work environment without paper leave application forms. Leave applicants can obtain application status simultaneously. Multiple level approvals.

Payroll Solution

  • No more human errors – Automatic salary calculation by the engine once rules are defined (percentage of social benefits, tax, etc.)
  • Configurable extra earnings and salary deductions.
  • Salary slips can be generated within mere seconds. Even with more than 1000 employees!
  • Payment transactions made easier with Payment gateway.
  • Annual Bonus tax calculations.

Reporting Engine

  • Reports can be exported and converted into Excel, CSV and XML format.
  • Various government reports can be generated.
  • Automatic report emailing to management can be scheduled.
  • Audit Trail enabled.