What is the PREMA HR & PAYROLL PORTAL SYSTEM? Employers and employees can view relevant
information 24/7. This accessibility improves customer service and promotes employee’s satisfaction,
while reducing the burden on HR staff to support inquiries and fulfil requests.

"To provide payroll information on time and accurately to more employees, more often,
and in more convenient ways to form a better workforce"

New technologies are emerging, human resources, operations and personnel management has had a profound impact. Software as a Service (SaaS), cloud computing and other IT trends in the rise of innovative HR business processes and practices provided the conditions, it also brings greater time and resources savings. The HR in the field of new technologies, more concerned about business-oriented rather than IT-oriented, integration and sharing of staff, HR-multi-style self-service, community enterprise collaboration, supply chain talent management and other aspects.

We have an overview for HR technology trends, explore new technology to optimize your HR strategy and performance. With our platform we address total cost of ownership and what is the efficient way to use our application.